We are

an experienced software engineering buro that specializes in building quality cloud solutions. Our field-tested method allows us to present an interesting formula for fixed-price outsourcing in .NET, Go and Elixir.

Long story short

In a 2-3 day informal workshop we work with your experts as to discover your requirements and learn about your business, without scary technical jargon, complicated models or big words. The main focus is on capturing the desired behavior of your system-to-be.
Practice has shown that this method promotes constructive discussion and often uncovers insights that bring immediate business value, even before a single line of code is written.

The outcome of this workshop is a number of artifacts that allow us to make precise estimates and make you an offer that is fixed in price for a well-defined body of work.
If the scope and conditions are accepted, we enter a path of intense collaboration with enduring attention for transparency and quality.

Keeping it simple. You know the business, we know the tech.
No suprises. No nonsense.

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